Professional Photographer: capturing people to keep memories alive

I am a professional photographer with 4 years experience and I am looking for captured emotional moments  in wedding and fashion photography.


fotograf Martin Almasi


photo vogue italia fineart portrét fotograf Martin Almáši

This is a photo that I took for magazine Vogue Italy in Slovakia in 2019

The photo is well exposed with fresh idea for fashion photography magazine.

This photo was succsesful also for model agency of femme model.

Vogue is something like fashion bible. Therefore I so proud to be part of great magazine.




Aviation University Kosice, Slovakia
1994 – 1995

Associate’s Degree in Aircraft Automatization Systems, Kosice, Slovakia



Society of Neuro-Linguistic programming
2018 – 2019

Licenced Master of Neuro-Linguistec Programming

Professional Experience

AirBase SLiac, Slovakia
February 1996 – September 2016

Warrant officer 1st Class
Senior Specialist for Aviation and Navigation technology

Maintaining 10 Fighter Jets in Air Base

January 2016 – to present
SueArt Design, Slovakia


Taking photo for over 150 wedding